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VGGroups is an established, successful and full services of digital marketing agency. VGGroups consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients - and our philosophy 'digital brand engagement' permeates everything we can do.

What We Do

Our team in India combines design + technology to build leading edge, engaging digital experiences for web and mobile.

Web Development Services

We offer comprehensive website development solutions for companies.

Mobile Application Development

There is intense competition within the market place.

Online Reputation Management

Web development in today's era of cloud, mobile and social is both exciting.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is a unique method of attracting huge crowd.

CMS Development Services

VGGroups is backed by a team of highly experienced and expertise to work .

Software Development

Software development is a fastest growing sector of IT industry.

E-commerce Development

Designing and developing E-commerce portals requires skills and expertise.

Website Designing Services

Web designing companies to develop excellent websites for their clients.

Advertising Services

Advertisement is not just about propagation of information relating.

Digital Marketing Services

Marketing plays a huge role in flourishing of businesses..

Pay Per Click Services

Per Click is an outstanding service which is offered by most.

Search Engine Optimization

High ranking websites generates huge crowd or traffic and visitors.


VGGroups is India's most trusted and leading digital marketing agencies having more than a decade's experience in providing online marketing services. We are driven by a pool of talented as well as skilled professionals who have delivered finest of the results so far. Partner with digital media marketing agency for strong online presence. As a leading Digital Agency India, we ensure that your online business gets maximum customers, thus profits. So, choose as your digital agency for online success.

VG Comp Solution Pvt Ltd is an India based Digital Marketing Agency which provide Complete Web Solutions to its clients. It was founded in 2013 with the name of V G Comp Solutions Pvt Ltd (VG Groups). VG Groups is an emerging name in Web Solutions and Internet Marketing Industry.

We address the Web Development and Optimization needs of Small and Medium sized business enterprises. VG Comp Solution provides complete range of Digital Marketing services such as Website Design and Development, Hosting, E-commerce solutions and online marketing. VG Comp Solution is not based on only SEO, SMO and PPC, its offer complete online solutions to its clients. VG Comp solutions is the fully based on Digital Marketing Services with its Subdomains like,,, and many other projects.

Brand Centric

When it comes to carving an online identity, there are so many things that strike your mind. We understand the significance of reaching out to maximum customers, and hence have come up with services which can turn your e-business into a brand. Being a reputed Digital Marketing Agency, we work out best of the strategies so that you can get maximum exposure online. We have been operating as Digital Media Marketing Agency for a long time, and thus know the ingredients of online success. We understand that your brand is at the heart of all that you do. And, it should be no different with Digital Agency services.

Let internet users know about your brand! How can internet visitors turn to your products and services until they know about you? As a digital marketing agency, we make sure that our website becomes a legitimate brand. The future of search is not that easy. The competition is increasing each passing day making survival a question for many. Your message should reach to the target audience so that they utilize the services offered by you. Hence, letting internet users know about your very existence is very important, and this what VGGroups, digital media marketing agency, do for you. It is the signals you send that establish you as a brand amongst customers. Digital agency offers brand centric services!

Hiring the services offered by digital agency like VGGroups is an assured way to reach the top for we leave no stone unturned to promote your business as brand and turn it into a trusted name amongst online customers. It is only if your online business is established as brand that it will leave a long lasting impression in the mind of online visitors who have the potential to be your customers. Being the reputed digital agency India, we know what all it takes to turn your convert online business into the most reliable brand. Digital transformation for reaping profits!

It is important for a digital marketing agency to make sure that the brand stays at the center of the digital marketing campaign. The virtual world of the internet is evolving each passing day. There is no denying that digital transformation is the need of the hour for those who want to stay in limelight. Digital media marketing agency, VGGroups, makes sure that it is your brand which lets you earn more business. In the ever changing digital world, availing the services offered by digital Agency India like us can help you go a long way.

Result Driven

When it comes to online business, it is only the results which matters the most. VGGroups is the leading Digital Marketing Agency, which can help an online business get maximum profit. Hiring experienced digital media marketing agency lets you gain exposure which is required to get results of the internet marketing campaign. No more you have to run here and there looking for digital agency. Just let your search come to an end with VGGroups, a reliable and result driven digital agency India. We aim to provide solutions which can set your online business apart from others in the field.

We grow your business, turn clicks into potential customers!

How important is it for you to have strong online presence? The answer, for sure, has to be extremely important. Unless your online presence is strong enough that it can attract the fancy of internet users, it is pretty impossible to reach out to maximum potential customers. When you hire digital marketing agency services, you can be rest assured to have taken the right decision as we make sure that you are able to get maximum clicks from your potential customers. Our motto, as reputed digital agency India, is to boost traffic to your website. Digital media marketing agency service providers like us offer solutions which are best for your online success.

Results driven digital agency!

Starting from a simple website revamping or designing to running an intricate internet advertising campaign fully integrated with content marketing, social media, Google and Facebook Advertising, there is one thing which is common to all the projects, and that is RESULTS. Online business owners who are looking for digital marketing agency services canrely upon us and get results, for sure. Our digital media marketing agencylets you get finest of the services.

Mission of digital media marketing agency at VGGroups!

Our mission is to deliver solutions based on the most recent web-edge technology with an effective digital marketing and SEO twist. The secret of online success is the right blend of social marketing, sales funnels, SEO, analytics and advertising management. And this is what digital agency India like us believes to offer. When blended with the experience and expertise of our team's success, what you get is tailor made digital marketing campaign which can add to your success. Digital marketing agency can provide you finest of the services which can be the reason for online growth and expansion.

Get assured results with digital marketing agency!

As slated above, what matters most is the results and this is what we bring to you. Being the reliable digital agency India, we strive to offer services which can set you on the road to success. Our team believes in delivering results so that you can make the most of e-business. If you are looking for digital media marketing agency then let your search come to an end with us. As the trusted digital marketing agency India, we deliver quality solutions at cost-effective rates.

We Help

In the world of online business, what matters the most is achieving success and high rank in the search engines major. Dipping toes into the right strategy is important for those who want to carve out a niche online. We are VGGroups, a reliable and reputed digital media marketing agency in India. Since inception, we have been string to offer reliable and quality solutions to our clients spread across the globe. If you are also craving for online success then choose as your digital agency India and attain maximum exposure on the web space.

It is understandable that all that you look for is high quality services when it comes to achieving ranking in search results. Our digital media campaigns are designed by team of experienced and expert professionals. As a digital marketing agency, we boost your chances of reaching out to maximum customers. Our experience as digital agency set us apart from others in league. Digital marketing agency can be the reason for attaining high revenue.

We understand as respect the fact that every online business is unique and different from the other. Hence, it becomes important to make sure that your online marketing campaign is exclusive to you. And, this is what we as your Digital Agency partner do for you. We make sure that your digital media marketing agency works out strategy which is best for your business. We analyse your business carefully, its competitors and market needs to make sure that you get best of the solution for your e-business. Only after understanding your business and its needs that we, the leading digital agency India, offer high quality services! We believe in transforming your online presence so that you can attain desired goal. No matter what services you are looking for, we can assure to deliver the best to you at rates that best suit your pocket. Irrespective of whether you are an established organization or start-up, digital media marketing agency can help you go a long way. Digital agency knows what all it requires to stay ahead in the competition. When you hire experienced digital agency India like us the rest assured you can get solutions which can set you on the road to success. We offer solutions which are best for your present business so that you can make the most of your online business.

Starting from search engine optimization to PPC, content marketing and social media optimization among others, you can get a range of services choosing us as your digital media marketing agency. Our team strives to make sure that the online campaign for your business becomes a success enabling you gain high profits and reach desired goal. At VGGroups, the leading and reliable digital agency India, we set your priorities as our priorities. We work in close association with our clients so that you can get results beyond excellence and expectations. All that you need to do is let us know your requirements, and rest we will make sure works the best for you.

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